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May 1, 2000

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Booth N-5609

npe9.jpgWhat's Hot! The new six-layer ISO-therm SCD (Streamlined Coextrusion Die) enables processing of materials that are extremely sensitive to degradation, such as PVDC, at the same time as nylon, or a rubberized polymer with a low temperature adhesive. The die is said to make it possible and practical to use these materials in a coextrusion structure. Until now it has been impossible to process these materials at the same time, because heat migration within the die caused viscosity changes and degradation.

ISO-therm dies work by maintaining temperature differences between adjoining layers of up to 150 C. Melt temperature of one material is said not to be affected by the temperature of another material. The ISO-therm SCD incorporates 'space-age' insulating materials and removes or adds heat to the critical module depending on the heat flow within the die. An oil circulation system on both sides of the module distribution plates helps maintain the preset, ideal temperature for that module.

Existing Products On Display The Eliminator Air Ring (Nov '99 PA, p 26) is said to provide exceptional bubble stability and to give processors flexibility by enabling lines to handle a wider range of materials with different melt strengths. Field tests with all structures from LDPE to LLDPE to MLLDPE to nylon have shown consistent improvements in gage uniformity, output, optics and roll geometry of blown film.

Company says this is the first air ring with calibrated settings to allow reproducible results. For increased flexibility and ease of use the Eliminator provides more adjustments to extend operating range.

Cool Booth Details Visitors to the booth will be able to see film samples produced by the six-layer ISO-therm SCD. Circle 220

Key Contact Dean Ward, U.S. Sales ­ Tel: 770-534-6001; Fax: 770-534-1050;
Web Site: www.be-ca.com 

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