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May 1, 2000

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npe10.jpgWhat's Hot! View your plant's current process and production information using the Internet. Shotscope's newest software module, called Web Reports, provides a complete set of web-based reports that can be viewed from anywhere using browsers from Netscape or Microsoft. It's easy for managers to view their plant's performance from home or from corporate headquarters in another country.

Available report types include plant status, production summaries, downtime details and scrap itemizations. Users can control the scope of the reports. Menu select mechanisms are provided to exclude or include jobs, machines, date range, shifts, tools and parts. Hundreds of report variations are possible.

Information can be displayed in tabular form, as pie charts or Pareto charts. Reports are formatted so they print in color, or black and white, on standard 8.5 x 11 in. paper. The server side software typically runs under Microsoft Internet Information Server, which is a standard component of the NT Server operating system.

Existing Products On Display will include Shotscope Process Monitoring & Reporting System for injection and blow molders. This plantwide system monitors and analyzes all vital machine process parameters in real-time and provides production reporting, SPC/SQC analysis, job scheduling, downtime detection, material lot tracking and scrap classification.

Shotscope captures up to 50 process parameters, including temperatures, pressures, velocities and other important measurements, for every shot on all machines in a plant, simultaneously. The system allows scrap and downtime to be classified into hundreds of subcategories. Plant status is updated continuously and may be seen on any PC attached to the company network. Alarms can be activated anytime processlimits are violated. Dozens of displays and reports are available to help users achieve increased productivity and higher quality. Circle 221

Booth Personnel Bill McAlister, Ken Panck, Curt Norby

Key Contact Bill McAlister, VP Mktg. ­ Tel: 503-685-9333; Fax: 503-685-9383;
E-mail: [email protected];
Web Site: www.brandentech.com 

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