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May 1, 2000

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Booth S-4210

What's Hot! Company will introduce two new rotor-based resin dryers: the FD and the FDL. Capacities range from 15 to 600 lb/hr on the FD and from 700 to 6000 lb/hr on the FDL. On display will be the FD-60 and the FD-600.

Desiccant wheels or 'rotor technology' is said to have an advantage over the traditional loose granular dryers because a greater velocity of air can be passed through a smaller desiccant media with less heat carry-over. This is also said to virtually eliminate dew point spiking. In addition, the units are smaller in size and lighter.

An option for these dryers is the Smart-Dry diagnostics package, which monitors dew point, process and regeneration temperatures; process and regeneration blowers; and various alarm functions. All monitoring can be done at the dryer or remotely via RS-232 or RS-485 serial ports. A new feature is 'true dew point control,' which allows operators to set and maintain desired dew points.

Bry-Air will also introduce two new JIT sight-glass pneumatic loaders. The Single Shot Loader comes with a control unit, wand, hose, level sensor cyclone/filter assembly and sight glass for visual flow check. This pneumatic unit can be machine- or hopper-mounted, has no moving parts and contains a unique dust filter that should never have to be replaced. It is rated at 1000 lb/hr with 10 cu ft/min at 80 to 100 psi.

The Double Shot Loader incorporates all of the above features but allows the loading of virgin and regrind material simultaneously for an even mix. The design has no plungers, mechanical stoppers or timers. It is rated at 1250 lb/hr.

Existing Products On Display will include the portable MDS-3 incorporating the new rotor technology desiccant wheel and the H-12 120-lb drying hopper, which will be mounted on a common floor stand with the FD-60. Circle 285

Booth Personnel Graydon Griesse, Keith Beatty, Guy Griesse, Wayne Caudle

Key Contact Graydon Griesse, VP Sales. ­ Tel: 740-965-2974; Fax: 740-965-5470;
E-mail: [email protected];
Web Site: www.bry-air.thomasregister.com 

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