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May 1, 2000

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Booth E-14010

npe14.jpgWhat's Hot! The Smartflow Mold Purge Valve will be available in a new 2-in. size at the show (currently, only 1-in. sizes are available, see Jan '00 PA, p 9). Also new is the EZ-Lock slide retainer (Feb '00 PA, p 28).

Existing Products On Display 'Vast' improvements have been made to the FasTie Quick-Connect and release ejector knock-out system, which was introduced last June (Jun '99 PA, p 19). Male studs are now rounded where the ball bearings of the coupler make contact. This is said to allow greater surface area to carry the load, thus increasing the mechanical strength of the connection. As a result, male studs will last longer and show less wear.

In addition, the coupler design has been altered to accept the male stud without shop air applied, preventing accidental coupler crash. Coupler sleeves and ball bearings have been changed from stainless steel to hardened steel (Rc 58-62) to prevent couplers from locking up. The coupler piston size has been increased to provide more surface area for the shop air to push against.

Other Products: SmartLock slide retainer and limit switch, Smartflow Tracer electronic flowmeter, SmartFlow mechanical flowmeters, Thinswitch limit switch, Smartflow stainless steel manifolds, Smartflow aluminum manifolds and Smartflow modular manifolds.

Cool Booth Details Turbulent Flow Chart magnets will be given away. Circle 224

Booth Personnel Phil Burger, Russ Longley, Mark Brown

Key Contact Janice Craig, Mktg. & Inside Sales - Tel: 800-764-3518; Fax: 913-764-1714;
E-mail: [email protected];
Web Site: www.smartflowusa.com 

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