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August 23, 2008

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Cable daisy-chains separate hot runner controls into one unit

NP_Gammaflux_ac.gifA new communications cable developed by Gammaflux Europe and introduced at Fakuma last October combines two autonomous temperature controls into a single unit to manage the hot runners of a large mold. The cable uses a daisy-chain configuration to join two smaller TTC 2100 Series temperature control units that can be independently controlled from a common touch-screen unit serving as an input device.

For example, the interconnection of controls makes it possible to run a hot runner mold with 40 heating zones on control units for 24 and 16 heating zones, respectively. The interconnect capability may be particularly convenient for operators using molds with a high number of control zones only occasionally or on a temporary basis, such as in mold sampling applications. More than two controls can also be connected to maintain a requisite number of hot runner temperature control zones.

The addition of new software-integrated features such as a sequential startup function provides time- and power-controlled heating of a hot runner mold system. This may reduce electricity costs associated with bringing all molds and machines onstream simultaneously. A boost function makes it possible to intensify the hot runner heat input for a short period, which facilitates machine restarts after a brief production shutdown.

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