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May 1, 2000

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Booth E-10828

npe15.jpgWhat's Hot! The new Cactus 50 SuperDryer maintains the 30-min drying time found on the manufacturer's previous designs, but doubles drying capacity to 150 lb/hr for most engineering resins. Unit stands 45 in. tall and provides quick access for color and material changes.

Low-wattage heater bands are claimed to save up to 80% on electric service. The extension tube used on previous designs has been replaced with a two-piece plate that is mounted on the machine and connected to the dryer. The temperature controller can be mounted anywhere and comes with 5 ft of flexible conduit.

Existing Products On Display Four different sizes of Cactus SuperDryers will be on display, as well as the AL200 SuperLoader and the RL50 ratio loader, both of which are pneumatic and without motors.

Cool Booth Details A cut-away demonstration will show the inner workings of Cactus SuperDryers. The AL SuperLoader will be running. Circle 226

Booth Personnel John Robertson

Key Contact John Robertson ­ Tel: 905-760-9223 (88-TO-CACTUS); Fax: 905-760-9224;
E-mail: [email protected];
Web Site: www.cactusdryers.com 

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