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CAM software recognizes features

August 23, 2008

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CAM software recognizes features

TNP_Cimskil_ac.gifA new suite of CAM software automatically generates numerically controlled toolpaths and documentation for recognized part features. PC or Unix supported, Cimskil applies 3-D solid model designs directly to NC programming, and it stores machining methods to reduce NC programming and cutting times created for two- through five-axis parts.Cimskil?s designer says some customers have reduced programming and machining time dramatically, with one customer reportedly slashing a 70-hour job to 8 hours. The software developers attribute much of this to Cimskil?s feature recognition that distinguishes two- through five-axis attributes. It is reportedly the only solids-based automatic feature recognition application available that supports five-axis parts.Cimskil also allows customization since users can add their own machines, tools, and best machining practices. Preferred machining methods, materials, feedrates, and traverse speeds can also be stored. Cimskil also has a proprietary spreadsheet-style format. The software starts at $60,000/seat.

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