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August 23, 2008

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CAM software supports five-axis machining

TNP_Espirit_ac.gifA new CAM software suite covers traditional, advanced, production, free-form, and free-form five-axis levels for programming multifunction lathes, Swiss-style lathes, and mill-turn machine tools. Esprit SolidMillTurn also has full three-axis and simultaneous five-axis 3-D multisurface and solid machining capabilities. The program controls cutting over the x-, y-, z-, b-, and c-axes. An ANSI/ISO-coded tool library and a comprehensive feeds, speeds, and materials database provide users with the optimum feedrates for different tool materials. Feature recognition and the ability to store machining processes further decrease machining time and allow Esprit dry-run simulations to test processes on dynamic 3-D images that show the part, spindle, turret, and tooling as it was created in the user?s machine setup.Five levels can be programmed, starting with rotary milling for a lathe and machining cycles for drilling, contouring, and pocketing support for straight-wall and tapered sections or through blind pockets and holes. Subpocketing, concentric in inside-out or outside-in modes, zigzag, and single-direction pocketing cycles are also available. The program also handles advanced rotary cycles as well as off-center, y-axis drilling, contouring, pocketing, facing, and spiral machining of boss-type parts.Fourth- and fifth-axis positioning for the c- and b-axes can be combined with three-axis traditional or advanced machining cycles like roughing, slotting, semifinishing, and finishing options. Five-axis support for hole-making includes drilling, boring, and tapering options. Parts with compound angles or nonperpendicular multiaxis tool movements are also possible.In the roughing portion of a cutting cycle, SolidMillTurn?s FreeForm 3-D roughing mode can perform zigzag and offset milling of complex free-form shapes that are optimized to the tool?s stock material. When the mold is ready for finer detail, seven finishing and semifinishing cycles are available including planar, translation, normal, rotation, offset, parametric, and spiral modes.

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