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August 23, 2008

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CAM software translates CAD files

TNP_Superior_ac.jpgA CAM software company continues to add to the list of mechanical design programs with which it can work. FeatureCAM is now compatible with Autodesk Inventor programs, including Autodesk Inventor 7. In addition, FeatureCAM has direct-transfer capabilities with SolidWorks, Pro/E, Catia, Solid Edge, AutoCAD, and Step, allowing tool designers to take solid 3-D models from a variety of CAD vendors and create cutting paths, parting lines, and cooling lines for tools with relative ease. Files translate for work in related programs, including FeatureMill, FeatureTurn, FeatureWire, and Five-axis Positioning, preventing data loss.

Engineering Geometry Systems, Salt Lake City, UT
(888) 393-6455; www.featurecam.com

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