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July 1, 2005

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Capillary rheometers test molten plastic

LCR7000 capillary rheometers are suited for studying the viscosity of molten polymers. The redesigned model is as easy to use as earlier Dynisco models, yet offers nearly triple the dynamic range of shear rate measurements, improved temperature control, the ability to self-identify transducers, and real-time multisensor data output?allowing for quick QC testing or detailed research.

When combined with the company?s KARS LAB data processing software package, the rheometer becomes a powerful rheological test and analysis system. Integrated with Microsoft Excel, the software provides a familiar data analysis platform full of standard workbooks for detailed analysis like nonlinear curve fitting, Rabinowitsch and Bagley corrections, and SQC analysis. The software has one click buttons to easily create custom plots. Standard graphs of viscosity vs. shear rate, viscosity vs. shear stress, and thermal degradation vs. time are easily performed.

Dynisco Instruments
Franklin, MA; (508) 541-9400

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