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Carbide-lined extrusion barrels provide rigidity, wear resistance

November 1, 2006

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Carbide-lined extrusion barrels provide rigidity, wear resistance

A new manufacturing process for producing carbide-lined extrusion barrels involves a proprietary spherical carbide/nickel matrix, which offers numerous advantages including high rigidity and improved wear resistance. Carbide barrels are used in extrusion applications to resist abrasion and corrosion caused by highly filled materials. Manufacturing barrels using spherical carbides is said to provide better wear resistance compared with traditional angular carbides and longer barrel service life.

Some of these improvements include wear resistance up to three times longer than tool steel; superior corrosion resistance due to the nickel matrix; a thicker wear surface of .150 inch compared to a typical thickness of .010-.065 inch in competitive models; and no weld lines in the barrel, as the process provides complete coverage of carbide throughout the bore profile, eliminating splitting, chipping, and premature wear.

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