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August 21, 2003

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Carbon blacks boost film, pipe performance

At NPE, Cabot Corp. featured its latest carbon blacks for producing masterbatches and compounds, and hydrophobic silica Nanogel aeorgels. The carbon blacks were developed for film, pipe, and electrostatic discharge (ESD) applications. Three black pigments for masterbatches-Black Pearl 3030, 4040, and 4060-each provide a particular performance balance in terms of opacity, weatherability, film smoothness and dispersability. Two high-performance conductive carbon blacks, Vulcan XC605 and 305, join Vulcan XC72 for ESD applications. Cabot also introduced a carbon black for pressure pipe uses, Elftex P100, with a significantly improved performance balance with regard to particle size, UV stability, microscopic dispersion, compound moisture absorption, chemical impurities, and dispersability. Cabot Corp., Two Seaport Ln., Ste. 1300, Boston, MA 02210 www.cabot-corp.com.

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