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Cargill to offer earth-friendly foams from biobased polyols

March 30, 2006

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Cargill to offer earth-friendly foams from biobased polyols

Renewable resource materials supplier Cargill (Minneapolis, MN) is now selling commercial volumes of biobased polyols to flexible polyurethane (PUR) manufacturers in the automotive, furniture, and bedding industries. The company says its new technology has overcome problems of consistency and odor that have plagued previous attempts to make such polyols for flexible foams.

Cargill''s proprietary process employs a number of natural oils including linseed, rapeseed, soy, and sunflower. They are said to meet the technical requirements for commercial-scale manufacturing. The company says this material is the first of a line of biobased polyols for a range of flexible and rigid PUR applications.

"By incorporating Cargill''s renewable biobased polyol in our new foam, we''ve taken a giant step for the bedding and furniture industries," says Bobby Bush, VP of foam and environmental technology at processor Hickory Springs Manufacturing (Hickory, NC). "No longer are we solely dependent on petrochemicals for raw materials."

Hamdy Khalil, global director of research and product development at competitor processor Woodbridge Group (Mississauga, ON) says, "We feel it is vital to explore the use of chemicals derived from viable renewable resources." Yusuf Wazirzada, Cargill''s business manager for urethane polyols, says the key to successfully bringing this product to the market was its collaboration with customers.

"The significant price increases for crude oil and natural gas, their inherent volatility, uncertainty of supply, and the fact that these are finite fossil fuels are all good reasons to look at Cargill''s growing line of biobased industrial polyols," Wazirzada says.-Robert Colvin; [email protected]

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