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May 1, 2000

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npe18.jpgWhat's Hot! First is the introduction of a self-cleaning extruder vent stack with dual-compartment piece. One section has a through opening to the vented area on a twin-screw barrel. This section is adjacent to a closed and sloped bottom chamber and is connection by a narrow rectangular slot that acts as a venturi. Due to the high velocity through the venturi into the closed bottom chamber, some condensable gases can pre-condense. If this occurs, the sloped bottom ensures that the gasses drain out of the vent pipe connection rather than back into the process.

The shallow design of the vent stack allows it to be attached directly to vent port adapters, which enables it to be heated by the barrel and eliminates the need for additional heat. Unit has a hinged lid assembly that can perform several functions, including visual inspection of vacuum performance and immediate signaling when the vent gets plugged. The shallow design also eliminates contaminant from collecting on the vertical walls and spilling into the melt stream.

The company is also launching the Screw Stack-Out Program, which allows customers to send worn screws to Century for disassembly and inspection. A detailed report tells which parts can be re-used and which need be manufactured.

Existing Products On Display The CS Back-Vented Combi Barrel was developed to allow a higher percentage of fill to be added to the melt stream via a side feeder. The vent is in a position upstream in the barrel and the side feeder is downstream in the barrel, so a dam is obtained in the melt section on the screw. This dam is said to allow entrapped air to escape via the vent but to prevent the escape of minerals and materials. Company says this barrel has been installed on Century, Werner & Pfleiderer and Berstorff extruders. It is available in 40, 58, 70, 92 and 133 mm sizes. Circle 230

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