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Chemical Resistance a Must for Pump

March 4, 1999

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Chemical Resistance a Must for Pump

Automotive specialist VDO has developed a new fuel pump that features a rotor encapsulated in Hostaform POM from Hoechst. The Hostaform coating permanently protects the copper wire winding of the rotor from attack by fuel.
In most vehicles today, the fuel pump is installed directly in the tank, in the so-called tank unit. The rotor for the electric pump motor, which is in constant contact with the fuel stream, must be specially designed for this particular operating environment. VDO has met this requirement by encapsulating the rotor in two grades of Hostaform: C 27021 GV3/30 natural and C 9021 GV1/30 gray.

First, the rotor shaft is insert moulded in Hostaform. Then it is wound with copper wire and encapsulated in Hostaform. This encapsulation of the rotor winding is important to isolate it permanently from the fuel. Encapsulation also gives the rotor a smooth, streamlined surface that minimizes electric motor power loss caused by the rotary movement of the rotor in the liquid medium.

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