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CNC now standard on machining center line 1469

November 1, 2003

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CNC now standard on machining center line

NP_Methods-01.jpgAA line of machining centers now offers high-speed, precision CNC as standard. All RoboDrills now feature the Fanuc 16iMB Intelligent controls with encoders that reportedly deliver 16 million pulses/revolution. This is said to enhance contouring accuracy and surface finishes on complex 3-D parts. Axis motion is optimized by the three-axis, high-resolution velocity control, reducing cycle times and spindle thermal growth, and offering greater circularity potential.

Control functions include bell-shaped acceleration/deceleration, in-position width switching for rapid traverse/cutting feed, and rapid-traverse overlapping. Tool Life Management and Monitoring functions measure the load on the cutting fixture and adjust the feedrate accordingly. Operator functions are reportedly simplified by the QuickSide menus, which are exclusive to the RoboDrills. Through an Ethernet connection, CNC programs can be transferred between CAM systems and the control. Memory cards can be used to store parameters, programs, and tool offsets.

The 32-bit modeler has a 1-msec block-pressuring speed with an upgrade that lowers it to .4 msec. There?s an optional 500-block package with look-ahead capabilities. Depending on the CNC options, feedrates range from 1181 in/min to 2362 in/min. The 30-taper RoboDrill can accelerate to 1.5 Gs, perform rigid tapping at 6000 rpm, provide high-speed reverse tapping, and complete tool changes in .9 second.

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