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May 1, 2000

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CNC Software, Inc.

CNC Software, Inc.
Booth E-13305

What's Hot! Mastercam Mill Version 8 has a range of new features including full toolpath/geometry associativity, enhanced surface and solid machining and new high-speed machining motion. The full associativity is said to simplify programming and modification of all milling operations including pocketing, contouring, drilling, multi-surface roughing and finishing and multi-axis machining. Mastercam is Windows-based CAD/CAM software for two- through five-axis milling, turning, two- and four-axis wire EDM, two- and three-dimensional design and surface and solid modeling.

Geometry and toolpath are linked so that when the model or tooling information is changed, an updated toolpath can be generated with a single mouse click. Users can 'drag and drop' parameters, toolpaths and tool definitions from one operation to another, and can create a library of common operations to apply to new models. The programmer simply chooses a set of saved operations and a new part, and Mastercam adapts the processes to the new model.

High-speed machining (HSM) techniques are becoming more wide-spread, and Mastercam Version 8 includes a suite of high-speed motion toolpaths. A primary goal in HSM is tool control. Critical requirements of HSM include the need to reduce sharp angular moves to allow for continuous, smooth tool motion. Mastercam Version 8 includes several crucial methods for running standard toolpaths in high-speed format, as well as several toolpaths developed specifically for high-speed machines.

Other new features designed to simplify both basic and complex programming include open pocket machining, automated circle milling, faster surface and solid machining, and multi-surface 5-axis cutting. Mastercam provides built-in translators including IGES, Parasolid SAT (ACIS solids), DXF, VDA, CADL, STL, and ASCII at no extra charge. Optional AutoCAD (DWG), STEP, Catia and Pro-E translators are also available.

Cool Booth Details The company will have presentations on a number of topics, including "High-Speed Machining," "Power Programming: Combining the Best of Today's CAD/CAM Tools," "Using Solids to Boost Productivity in a Mold Shop", "Smart Part Cleanup," "Program Optimization to Save Time and Money" and "Utilities for the Modern Mold Shop (including core and cavity separation."

The company will also raffle off copies of Mastercam Draft, a fully functional product for wireframe design and drafting with a retail value of $150. Circle 234

Booth Personnel Ben Mund

Key Contact Gary Hargreaves, Dir. Sales ­ Tel: 860-875-5006; Fax: 860-872-1565;
E-mail: [email protected];
Web Site: www.mastercam.com 

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