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December 1, 2001

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Color Formulation Software Said To Be Intuitive

December, 2001


Color Formulation SoftwareSaid To Be Intuitive

Datacolor's new ChromaCalc 3.0 color formulation software, previewed at K, is said to allow simple, one-screen operation. Jaime A. Gómez, Datacolor Vice President and Business Manager for Plastics explains that "anyone who has worked with a sophisticated color formulation program understands the benefits, but also the effort involved in conforming internal procedures to the software. Using a color formulation program often means following someone else's idea of how the work should flow, resulting in too many steps, too many menus and, ultimately, too much time working the program instead of getting the work done."

ChromaCalc 3.0 is said to respond intelligently to available data from wherever users are in the color matching sequence. Thus, all color matching and correction functions appear and run from one screen. Single-screen operation saves time and creates a system that is easy to use.

ChromaCalc employs point-and-click simplicity to find a pertinent page, forward and backward navigational arrows to move through jobs and key words to go to just the right ingredient, formula or sample.

Features cited for ChromaCalc 3.0 include:

  • A 'virtual notebook,' Formula Central, that streamlines the entire color matching process from a single screen as well as remembers details such as unique job-record captures and storage for every step along the way.

  • Standard job templates that eliminate the need for double data entries, saving time, reducing errors, and making it easier to repeat the process.

  • Customizable job templates that control every function from one place, from handling basic substrates and colorant groups to more complex tasks such as learning algorithms and matching methods.

  • Fast, effective data management, from hazard ratings and customer approvals to light-fastness or order numbers, for easy query and access.

  • An advanced matching optimizerfor easy weight formula results based on a variety of complex, color-matching criteria.

  • An interactive formula grid for heightened accuracy, allowing formulas to be simultaneously viewed at the component level and base level.

  • Gloss compensation that ensures color consistency between standards and varying product finishes.

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