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May 1, 2000

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Booth E-14116

Existing Products On Display Comdec will exhibit the complete line of RUCO Pad Printing and Screen Printing Inks, which can be supplied in conventional-cure and ultraviolet-cure formulations, as well as in single- and dual-component systems. Ruco Inks are said to feature excellent adhesion, abrasion resistance, color fastness and product resistance.

Also featured in the booth will be descriptions and information concerning Comdec's expert Color Matching Service using the Ruco 2 Photospectrometer System, as well as the 12-Color Mixing System, which allows custom colors to be mixed in-house immediately.

Each system is delivered with a Formula Book that lists most standard colors. All of Comdec's color formulas are based on actual color matches, rather than theoretical computer generated formulas.

Also provided with the system are tools for the calculation of batch sizes, information concerning the evaluation of color and detailed instructions concerning mixing to ensure consistent results. Comdec's Technical Service Dept. will be available. Circle 235

Booth Personnel Robert Chadwick, Jeff Morris

Key Contact Robert Chadwick, VP ­ Tel: 978-462-3399; Fax: 978-462-3443;
E-mail: [email protected];
Web Site: www.rucousa.com 

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