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Complete production line rolls out PET cast film

May 1, 2006

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Complete production line rolls out PET cast film

This coextrusion cast film line for APET/polyethylene (PE) film as the base film for form-fill-seal packaging or PET lamination with a PE sealing layer requires no predrying thanks to vacuum degassing. Metallized PET film and thermoformable food packaging trays and clamshells can also be produced on the three extruder line, each extruder with twin screws. Output is up to 4000 kg/hr. In order to save processing costs, the core layer of such films can be up to 100% bottle scrap and other reclaim flake. Chill roll diameter is 2.4m and runs at a speed of up to 150 m/min. The line has full-width electrostatic web pinning. Brückner Formtec GmbH, Siegsdorf, Germany; +49 8662 63268; www.brueckner.com

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