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January 4, 1999

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Conductive cores reduce warpage

Recent research by the Copper Development Assn., an organization that promotes the use of copper in many industries including injection molding, demonstrates the advantages of copper mold elements in improving cooling and preventing warpage. The organization reported some research findings at Antec comparing solid steel and copper-alloy cores' cooling abilities with a chill plate to those of watered steel and copper cores cooled by water circulated in those cores.


The performance of each cooling alternative was evaluated by measuring the part warpage as cooling time was reduced. The molded part was a 33-mm bottle cap in PP copolymer. The chart above shows a plot of warpage vs. cycle time for each of the methods. With longer cycle times, warpage levels were close with all alternatives. When cycle times speeded up, however, the cooling improvements made with copper elements kept warp at a much lower level than with the conventional steel construction.

Longevity of copper elements is still a problem. To address this issue, the Copper-Alloy Mold Marketing Task Group of the CDA is presently conducting research on copper alloy cores coated with a variety of hard coatings.

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