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February 1, 2000

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Conveyor-Fed Granulators Have Control Feedback

Conveyor-Fed Granulators Have Control Feedback

pn15-0200.jpgThe new Cadence Series of conveyor-fed granulators from Rapid Granulator have an amperage control feedback that is said to control the belt speed of the conveyor to match the feed rate of the granulator. This prevents overloading of the granulator and, thus, stalling.

Units are designed to automate waste material collection and repetitive feed applications. Belts are available in different materials with different cleats, depending on the materials being fed. A metal detection system is optional. Prices are not yet available.

Throughputs range from 50 to several thousand lb/hr depending on application, materials and granulator model. Cutterhouse widths are from 6 to 59 in.

Please contact the company directly for pricing information by using the Key Contact Directory.

Rapid Granulator, Inc.
Rockford, IL

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