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January 1, 2003

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Conveyor gently handles pet preforms

product_jan_02 (10K)The Soft-Tec conveyor handles injection molded PET preforms. It?s designed to minimize the potential for preform damage during transfer from the injection molding press to the accumulation gaylord.

The Soft-Tec conveyor was developed to gently transfer and load high-volume PET preforms from the injection molding press into two gaylords. Depending on the configuration of the injection molding presses, the conveyor can mate directly with the existing under-the-press conveyor or with a Tec-supplied prefeed conveyor. From this point the product can be moved into the Soft-Tec conveyor.

The gentle drop of PET preforms into gaylords is ensured by an ultrasonic sensor and comprehensive control package. Mounted to the discharge end of the conveyor, the ultrasonic sensor registers the distance from the discharge end of the conveyor to the product deposited into the gaylord. This distance is fed into the controls, and the conveyor incrementally elevates to maintain constant distance resulting in a soft landing. Once the first gaylord is full, as determined by a preset number of injection molding press cycles, the conveyor automatically repositions itself to fill the second gaylord.

In addition to a V-guide belt-tracking system, the Soft-Tec features a one-piece, 11-gauge CRS frame and slider bed.

Tec Engineering, Oxford, MA
(508) 987-0231; www.tecautomation.com

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