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Costs cut by eliminating PET drying need

February 1, 2006

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Costs cut by eliminating PET drying need

A three-layer thermoforming sheet extrusion line, Mirex 3-1400, allows polyester processing without pre-drying. Using a corotating twin-screw REItruder extruder with special degassing units, the raw material can be processed into thermoformable sheet at a considerable cost savings, and result in lower energy use than competitive systems requiring lengthy drying and material preparation. The coextruded sheet is highly transparent and can be further processed into blister packs for foodstuffs packaging and technical applications. Reifenhäuser GmbH & Co. KG Maschinenfabrik, Troisdorf, Germany; +49 2241 4810; www.reifenhauser.com

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