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December 1, 2006

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Date code inserts last many a date

Designed to withstand heat, mold releases, and material flash, the new PLX Series of date code inserts are said to be more durable and more reliable than traditional date inserts. Such inserts have become more important in many processing operations due to the increased, and sometimes legally enforceable, need to track parts’s history. The PLX inserts are made from pre-hardened 416 stainless steel, and handle operating temperatures up to 350°F with no problem. Unlike traditional inserts, these are designed to allow processors to access them from the rear of the mold using a simple flat-head screwdriver. Users can reliably turn the center piece of the insert to change the date, which are easily cleaned. Engraving options on the PLX inserts include information such as material codes, shifts, quarter/year or year codes. Inserts are available in sizes from 4mm -20 mm. Quantity discounts are available. Plastixs LLC, Shrewsbury, MA, USA; +1 888- 792-2223; www.plastixs.com

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