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May 1, 2000

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Booth E-11927

What's Hot! Company will introduce the RokuPrint SD 05, a semi-automatic and programmable 24-v dc motor-controlled screen printer for printing on flat, round and conical products. Unit is said to be smooth, quiet and efficient due to its low power requirement (110 v) and lack of pneumatics. It can be integrated into automated systems of in-line production.

Unit is said to be easy to set up and can store up to 25 pre-set jobs. A hand-held controller has an LCD where users can adjust various programming mode such as off-contact positioning, printing speed, squeegee touch-down and lift-off positionings and starting (zero) position.

The standard unit can print images up to 13 x 9 in. on products as tall as 10 in. at rates up to 1800 prints/hr. Taller parts can be accommodated by extending the machine's central upright column.

The company will also introduce the Printcolor line of pad printing inks to the North American market.

Existing Products On Display will include the MicroPrint LCL 130 pad printing machine, featuring open or closed ink systems, automatic pad cleaning and an electronic control system.

Cool Booth Details Working machine demonstrations and an array of printed samples. Circle 243

Booth Personnel Mike Learmouth, Dave Miller, John Marshall, Dave Maxham, Bob Hall, James Bird, Leo Rivera, Ron Davis

Key Contact Dave Miller ­ Tel: 800-300-3326; Fax: 714-639-2261;
E-mail: [email protected];
Web Site: www.decotechgroup.com 

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