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May 1, 2002

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Degating module teams with robots

NP_Wittmann.jpgA new degating module reportedly eliminates the need for molders to use hard automation with an inflexible fixed set up. The ServoGator works with the mid to large range of robots and offers increased flexibility and faster changeover times. Mounted on a robot beam and directly manipulated by the robot controls, the ServoGator can handle the degating of one or more gates. Parts are positioned for degating by an a-c servo articulating wrist combination that maneuvers the end-of-arm tooling. The a-c servo wrist occupies a minimal amount of space due to its high rotational torque in a relatively small area.

The unit also gives additional position control of the nippers, which allows one or more nippers to be positioned on the robot's arm for gate cutting. A wide range of nippers can process a variety of gate types and designs. Using the robot controller, molders can coordinate the nippers and orient the part to access most gate positions.

Wittmann, Torrington, CT
(860) 496-9603

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