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July 1, 2003

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Desiccant-free dryer

PF_FastiUSA_card.jpgThe CARD, or compressed-air resin dryer, for desiccant-free drying processes 85 to 2000 lb of resin/hr. The dryer removes moisture from the heated resin in the primary section of the hopper using compressed air. The upper section of the hopper is used to preheat the resin for drying, reportedly saving energy and maintenance by eliminating the need for desiccant beds. The dryers have stainless steel hoppers, insulation for up to 400F, a compact design, and two hopper service doors. The company?s FIT control has a graphic display, preprogrammed drying data, automatic capacity control, sleep mode, and many other standard options.

Fasti USA Inc., Elgin, IL
(847) 695-9502; www.fastiusa.com

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