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November 1, 2005

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Device monitors screw and barrel wear

A measuring device gives processors an easy, inexpensive way to monitor screw and barrel wear without the extended downtime required to pull the screw and take measurements. The SmartBarrel system includes a digital indicator that is inserted through small ports in the extruder or injection-unit barrel to take accurate measurements of screw-flight dimensions. These measurements can be taken in a few minutes while the machine remains near processing temperature. A plug, which seals the port during normal processing, is measured to evaluate wear of the barrel liner.

The system can be installed on a new machine or when a screw and barrel are being refurbished. Monitoring ports (similar to pressure transducer ports) are drilled in the barrel at locations where the worst wear is anticipated. A specially machined plug is installed in the hole and protrudes into the bore of the barrel by a few thousandths of an inch. When the barrel liner is honed to its finished dimension, the end of the plug is perfectly flush with the ID of the barrel.

Glycon Corp., Tecumseh, MI
(800) 255-9969; www.glycon.com

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