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October 1, 2001

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Diamond-Chrome Plating Is Harder Than Hard Chrome Alone

October, 2001

Mold Coatings:

Diamond-Chrome PlatingIs Harder Than HardChrome Alone

Dia-Clust diamond-chrome coating from Bales Mold Service is said to offer a 'super tough' Rockwell C hardness rating in the high 80s, a minimum of 25% higher than hard chrome plating alone. Abrasion resistance capabilities are said to be three to five times better.

In addition, the corrosion-resistance of the coating is rated 'superior,' having withstood more than 1000 hr of salt spray testing. Also, the coefficient of friction is reduced, compared to hard chrome.

So what makes this coating work? The company explains that it is a chromium matrix composite coating, with a dispersion of nanometer-sized, spherical-shaped diamond particles. The shape causes them to act like ball bearings so they do not abrade materials. Instead, when combined with chromium plating, the diamond particles become surrounded by a chromium cluster formation, forming what is called a crystallization center. In extremely high numbers, these crystallization centers form small structural fragments that produce the dense, super-hard coating.

The coating can be used on most types and sizes of parts due to its composition and the fact that, unlike most titanium nitride coatings where the coating temperature runs as high as 900 F, Dia-Clust has a low plating temperature ranging between 100 and 120 F.

There is no risk of annealing, only improved anti-galling and wear protection and enhanced release properties. The thickness at which this coating can be applied ranges from 0.00004 to 0.002 in.

Bales Mold Service, Inc.
Downers Grove, IL Circle 106

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