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August 23, 2008

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Digital color matching and rendering system

DMP_PolyOne_chiponscreen.gifIntroduced at NPE, the OnColor Technology system from PolyOne promises to shorten product design and color-matching by shifting these functions to a real-time environment. The software-based system has two display modes. In 2D mode, users perform searches and QC functions with the results displayed for comparison in a true color chip for matching. These color chips, or standards, can be stored electronically, eliminating the need for physical exchange of plastic chips. Using 3D mode, designers can see how a particular color will appear on a 3-D object or part in a virtual 3-D environment. Both modes are integrated, so the color selected or created in 2D can be imported into 3D mode.

Developed in cooperation with Integrated Color Solutions, the OnColor Technology system includes two calibrated Apple Computer monitors for true color representation. One monitor displays 2D mode, which runs the QC and product history, while the other displays product imaging in 3-D. This virtual environment mode allows products to be modified for polymer type, thickness, opacity, gloss, texture, special effects, and lighting, then places the product in a specific environment for viewing. Designers can see, for example, what a shampoo bottle will look like on a drug-store shelf.

Tracy Phillips, product manager for design and commercialization at PolyOne, explains that the 2D Technology system has reduced the color-matching process for customers from several weeks to less than one week. "We are using this system at six of our color manufacturing and design locations, and it has enhanced our internal efficiency as well as our customer communications."

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