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Need more flexibility in your hot runner systems? DME Co., a manufacturer of mold technologies, has expanded its SmartSeries hot runner temperature controller product line. The addition of the TSM15 module gives molders greater flexibility and control of their hot runners.

Clare Goldsberry

April 7, 2014

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DME introduces SmartSeries temperature control module

The microprocessor-based temperature control module increases efficiency for molders by providing enhanced control through efficient touch-screen operation. A full-color display gives users easy-to-access readouts and functionality, and an informative display screen helps molders cut down on maintenance requirements by providing them with important diagnostics including temperature, power, and current readings.

"This model provides molders with a more sophisticated option for applications, where advanced control and monitoring are needed," said Craig Kovacic, Applications Engineering and Technical Services Manager. "Molders can retrofit their existing mainframes and upgrade system modules when system expansion or replacement is needed."

Programming can be customized and reconfigured to fit new tools and environments. Molders can also use the TSM15 controller to number zones in a logical sequence and to configure the units to run in closed-loop or open-loop configurations.

Design enhancements in the TSM15 controller also will help improve hot runner efficiencies. The new system features DME's proprietary Smart Start mode to safely bake out damaging internal heater moisture at system startup to prolong heater life. In addition, notes DME, the TSM can be configured to prevent boosting of the temperature by 75oC or 135oF to limit degradation of material.

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