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DME launches Versa-Slide, expands MUD Quick-Change systems

Moldmakers can now save time by incorporating the new Versa-Slide standard slide assemblies from DME Company instead of the different slides that many customers have been creating on their own.

PlasticsToday Staff

November 12, 2012

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DME launches Versa-Slide, expands MUD Quick-Change systems

Versa-Slide reduces moldmakers' design time and overall tooling costs by as much as half, claims DME. “As part designers strive to create more complex features in fewer steps, they need high-quality, advanced mold components to help them maintain tighter tolerances,” said John Harding, manager, Global Sourcing, for DME. “Our interchangeable Versa-Slides help simplify this increasingly sophisticated process and further our commitment to standardizing technologies to accelerate our customers’ success.”
The Versa-Slides are available as either a complete assembly or individual components and come in a large range of sizes. With 10 different overall widths, components can be mixed to form thousands of combinations. The sliding mechanics are finish ground, with 0.005-inch grind stock left on the overall width, bottom of wear plate, and slide angle.
DME’s Versa-Slide Standard Slide Assemblies, which support precise alignment of mold opening and closing functions, provide benefits for mold makers including reduced costs when compared to making custom slides for each application; faster changeover of damaged components because the components are standardized and interchangeable; a quicker, simpler design process with downloadable CAD geometry; flexibility for a wide array of applications and with a range of size options; and shorter lead time, with many slides available for immediate shipping.
DME also announced the expansion of its line of MUD Quick-Change Systems with parts in stock and ready to ship throughout the U.S., and same-day delivery on 99 different insert options, including standard and laminated.
“Lightning-fast changeover speed is a major benefit of using a Master Unit Die (MUD) Quick-Change system—unless you’re waiting days for your new mold inserts to arrive,” said Doug Miller, DME business manager. “By offering more products with same-day delivery, we can help customers avoid much of that downtime."
Quick-Change systems offer significant time-saving advantages at every step in the manufacturing process, from tooling lead time and cost to production and inventory control. Featuring companion insert molds that can be switched easily, MUD cuts tooling downtime by up to 75% and total tooling costs by up to 66%, claims DME. Other benefits include changeovers by one person in less than five minutes; no special equipment needed; downtime dramatically reduced; and lower labor costs.

MUD also allows unlimited design latitude. Insert molds can be engineered for parts requiring stripper plates, sleeve ejection, single- or double-cam action, hydraulic, mechanical, or pneumatic cylinders—virtually any feature desired, noted DME, including three-and-four-plate designs.

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