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May 1, 2000

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npe28.jpgWhats Hot! Front and center will be the next generation of the Gelimat compounding system. This is an 'ultra high-speed' thermokinetic mixing, fluxing and compounding system for processing both virgin and recycled polymers, as well as highly loaded compounds and masterbatches. Unit has high rotational shaft speed that is said to provide efficient dispersing. The thermokinetic principle reduces compounding time to 'a matter of seconds.' Compounded material is ejected automatically by an electronic temperature sensor through a discharge door. It can then be fed into a melt pump, a short barrel extruder or a calendar The system is coupled to advanced process controls that allow users to change any or all process parameters. The process control also logs and graphically displays the actual process parameters as they occur. Sizes from laboratory to large-scale production are available.

Also new is the Gelimat Compounder G-HVA, which was developed for very difficult compounding, mixing and dispersing applications, such as highly filled adhesives and polymer compounds and other viscous or pasty materials requiring fast working cycles.

Existing Products On Display

* The T-Mixer/Reactor is a horizontal turbulent mixer/reactor available in batch or continuous designs with mixing capacities ranging from 10 to 50,000 liters.

* The Turbutherm Fluid Bed Dryer is designed for drying, tempering and cooling such problematic materials as grainy, crumbly, crystalline, powdery and fibrous substances.

* The PM/DCP-Megaflow-C mill is designed for high-energy density grinding and dispersing. Applications include automotive coatings and wet grinding of organic pigments and other chemicals. Circle 248

Booth Personnel Gisbert Schall, Edward Casama, Jeffrey Pawar

Key Contact Gisbert Schall, Pres. ­ Tel: 201-847-0600; Fax: 201-847-0606;
E-mail: [email protected];
Web Site: www.draiswerke-inc.com 

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