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March 1, 2007

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Dryer range is extended

The two latest Luxor 1800 and 2400 dryer models can dry 1800-2400 m3/hr respectively. Previously, the 1200 model was the biggest dryer with a material throughput of 2100 lb/hr of ABS or 2200 lb/hr of PC. The Luxor A 2400 can dry up to 4400 lb/hr, doubling the range of the product line. The dryers are said to allow material drying with the lowest possible energy consumption in relation to other technologies such as wheel dryers.

The dryers have three beds with two parallel-acting desiccant beds to reduce the footprint of the dryer in relation to a two-bed dryer of the same size. For high-temperature single-bin applications such as PET, the Eta process heat exchanger fits into the new housing, as well as the return-air water re-coolers. The units are available only as Luxor A versions with Ethernet panel. The Luxornet control is based on Siemens S7 technology and operates with an intuitive graphic menu with a touch-screen display.

Motan, Plainwell, MI
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