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Dryers achieve dewpoint of ?40F within 4 minutes of startup

July 1, 2003

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Dryers achieve dewpoint of ?40F within 4 minutes of startup

PF_Novatec_NovaDryer.jpgThe NovaDrier Series is said to improve the resin drying process while simplifying dryer construction and reducing maintenance. The dryers reportedly provide an immediate and constant source of process air and achieve a dewpoint of ?40F or lower within 4 minutes of startup, with no spikes or deviations.

The design operates on any source of compressed air?previously refrigerated or desiccated air is not required?and the dryer has no moving parts, no desiccant bed, no process motor, no regeneration heater, no valves, and no cooling coil for high heat applications. Maintenance consists of replacing two filters on a semiannual basis.

Air is passed through a two-stage prefiltering system that includes a 1 µm filter to remove particulate and liquid condensates. The air then passes through a self-regenerating drying media, which removes moisture. After it is heated, the dry air is circulated uniformly throughout an insulated drying hopper, moisture is purged, dust particles are filtered from the air. Next, the air is reheated and recirculated along with fresh incoming compressed air to complete the loop.

Novatec, Baltimore, MD
(410) 789-4811; www.novatec.com

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