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July 1, 2003

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Drying system built on a modular platform

PF_Sterling_STT500.jpgThe STT Series Dry Air drying system includes centralized and beside-the-machine dryers engineered around a modular platform. The modular design gives processors a common approach to components, controls, training, and maintenance routines across the series of dryers?whether they are set up centrally or at individual machines. This reportedly allows easy and economical system reconfiguration.

Air in the dryers is both heated and dehumidified before introduction to material to be dried. This method reduces polymer moisture content as low as .003 percent in PET. The dryers can use nitrogen as a drying medium if required. At an average dewpoint of ?40F, the dried air is circulated through material in the drying hoppers and moisture removed by the air is absorbed in a desiccant bed.

An integrally mounted process heater is said to eliminate unnecessary heat loss through transfer piping, as well as provide accurate temperature control within the hoppers.

Sterling, Milwaukee, WI
(414) 354-0970; www.sterlco.com

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