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May 1, 2000

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Booth S-1168

What's Hot! Company will have a range of new products for all types of plastics assembly, including the DPC line of ultrasonic process control systems, a 15 kHz assembly system and line of vibration welders.

* The Dynamic Process Controller (DPC) line includes four new products for varying levels of control. The Level * DPC is intended for OEMs and is compact and customizable for easy integration into the cabinets of automated machinery. This unit features modular component design to maximize flexibility and cost effectiveness by allowing selection of various power levels. It comes standard with such features as linear ramp soft start, pulse-width modulation, line regulation and 'AUTO-TRAC' tuning.

Level II DPC is for use with Dukane ultrasonic probe systems and is also designed for system integration with automated machinery and PLCs. It, too, features modular component design. A rack-mountable chassis is optional.

Level III DPC has a 16-bit microprocessor that is designed to "handle the bulk of today's ultrasonic assembly applications." Unit features real-time multi-tasking, line and load regulation, self-diagnostics, dual pressure mode and remote setup switching. A full-screen user interface is optional.

Level IV DPC has a 32-bit RISC microprocessor and networking capabilities for multi-head and automated systems, which provides for centralized setup and monitoring through one touchscreen user interface. Other features: digital amplitude-control in 1% increments; a real-time, multi-tasking operating system for simultaneous control of process parameters; primary and secondary control functions to reduce rejects and increase part consistency; and adaptability to worldwide power requirements.

* Based on the Ultra Series is a 15 kHz ultrasonic assembly system said to provide 4000 watts of power, a more robust support structure and a more intuitive process control. This system is said to be ideal for applications where ultrasonics have been passed over in favor of larger capacity processes such as vibration welding. The low-frequency sound waves are able to penetrate materials faster than high-frequency units so the system can handle larger parts and softer materials.

The rigid square support column has rack-and-pinion height adjustment and up to 10 deg of radial alignment. The slide assembly has 1-in. dia steel rods and sealed ball bushings for smooth operation.

* A line of six vibration welders is new to Dukane. They are designed to weld large (up to 45 x 24 in.) or irregularly shaped parts. Models are available with three different power levels and two levels of control.

All feature a digital electromechanical drive system with only one moving part and no bearing surfaces to wear or require lubrication. Other features include closed-loop amplitude control and automatic tuning; a hydraulic lift/clamp system; programmable distance function for table load, start weld and end-of-weld positions; weld-by-distance; and a programmable controller to handle all machine functions.

Cool Booth Details Company will demonstrate market-specific equipment, from ultrasonic sewing for the film and fabric industry to pad installation for the automotive industry. Circle 251

Booth Personnel Mike Johnston, Jeff Sherry, Kathy Jensen

Key Contact Kathy Jensen, Mktg Sup. ­ Tel: 630-584-2300; Fax: 630-584-3162;
E-mail: [email protected];
Web Site: www.dukane-ultrasonics.com 

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