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March 1, 2007

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Duo-hopper dryer with two-zone temp control

The Speedryer Twin thermodynamic hopper dryer has two Speedryer 2000 hoppers mounted on a Y feed with a two-zone temperature control. Combining the two hoppers yields throughputs of 50-100 lb/hr. The dryer can dry two different materials at the same time, or, one hopper can supply material to the molding machine while the other is cleaned and filled with a different material so that it is ready for mold or material changes. Integral slide shutoffs allow easy changes from one hopper to the other or both. Separate smart logic PID temperature controls allow for very different materials in each hopper.

The dryer is designed to mount directly on the feedthroat of a molding machine, or it can be used as a stand-alone dryer. The dryers are priced at $10,660, have a height of 37 inches, a width of 21 inches, a depth of 16 inches, and an empty weight of 115 lb.

Canam Manufactured Products
Surrey, BC
(604) 888-7699; www.speedryer.com

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