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May 1, 2000

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Booth S-2768 (Shared with Dynisco Instruments, Dynisco Extrusion and Dynisco Polymer Test)

What's Hot! No details are available as yet for Dynisco/HotRunners' newest products, which were developed for one and two-stage PET bottle systems.

Existing Products On Display will comprise a range of recently introduced and older products. These include:

* A line of tip heaters (Jan '00 PA, p 9) is said to provide closed-loop temperature control right at the gate, allowing for precise gate control with applications that are reverse- gated, opposite a cosmetic surface, require minimal vestige, or involve the use of engineering polymers.

* The Express line of customized hot runner systems (Aug '99 PA, p 29) that can be delivered in four to five weeks (detailed drawings are available in 48 hr). Dynisco says what differentiates its 'quick ship' program from those of competitors is the high degree of customization possible.

* Dynamic Feed Technology (Jul/Aug '98 PA, p 32) will be running live on a Milacron injection molding machine. Dynamic Feed is a patented process being sold by Dynisco/HotRunners. It is said to give molders control over the flow of plastic to each cavity.

Each nozzle of the hot runner has a flow control valve operated by a valve pin. The position of the flow control pin within the nozzle of the hot runner will affect the flow rate. Pressure is measured in the nozzle downstream of the flow valve and just prior to the melt entering the cavity gate. A PID controller is used to control the pin position based on unique injection and pack profiles determined for each nozzle. The flow control pin operates dynamically and independently. In this way, the flow rate of plastic is controlled through every gate of the hot runner.

Dynamic Feed Process control reportedly offers increased productivity, part quality, faster time-to-market, lower tooling costs and increased machine utilization. Beneficial impact is also cited for family tools, modular tooling, multi-cavity tools and single-cavity tools.

* Also on display: a complete line of hot runner nozzles (both MultiZone and HeatPipe product styles), machine nozzles, sprue bushings and temperature control systems.

Cool Booth Details A 6-7 minute multimedia show with a live presenter will take place every 30-40 min in a staged area at the center of the booth. The presentation will include animations and state-of-the-art graphics and will discuss where Dynisco/HotRunners has been going and the future of the company's role in the industry. There will be a number of giveaways, as well as raffles for Sony digital video cameras. Circle 189

Key Contact Andrea Viccaro, Mktg. Comm. Mgr. ­ Tel: 800-367-5662; Fax: 978-281-5882;
Web Site: www.dynisco.com 

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