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May 1, 2000

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Booth S-2768 (Shared with Dynisco Extrusion, Dynisco HotRunners and Dynisco Polymer Test)

What's Hot! Company will be introducing a range of new products for injection molders and extruders. For injection molders:

* A new cavity pressure controller is claimed to offer sophisticated control and reporting features at a cost substantially less than similar models. Unit has a graphic, paperless display of up to two process pressures and compares graphs of actual pressure data with those of ideal process conditions. Other features include 'flash' memory storage and automatic detection of defective parts. Response time is better than 10 um and strain gage or piezoelectric inputs are accepted.

* A new technology that allows high-pressure, accurate measurements in the machine nozzle will be demonstrated. It is said to allow the nozzle pressure transducer to handle a wider range of molding applications.

* A new tie bar strain ring is said to offer highly repeatable measurement using high-accuracy strain gages. The first strain rings to be offered by Dynisco, are designed to extend the life of the machine by preventing excessive clamping force, preventing premature tie-bar failure by helping distribute load more evenly and by reducing flashing by maintaining platen parallelism.

For extrusion:

* A new line of extrusion pressure transducers is said to allow highly accurate, high-pressure measurements to be made at high process temperatures. This new technology allows the transducers to handle a wider range of extrusion applications.

Existing Products On Display will include:

* MRT multi-range transducers (Feb '99 PA, p 10) are designed for co-extrusion and film applications used to produce packaging material. Units in the MRT Series allow users to select one of four commonly used pressure ranges (3000, 5000, 7500 or 10,000 psi) via a seal screw, which accesses a four-position rotary switch.

Other features include full-scale output for selected ranges of 3.33 mv/v, accuracy of ±0.5% and an internal 80% shunt calibration for easy set-up, stability and repeatability. Units are also said to meet CE requirements for EMI/RFI protection.

* Dynipak product kits for extruders (Feb '99 PA, p 10 and Nov '99 PA, p 8) consist of a pressure or pressure/temperature transducer, an instrument for indication, a connector cable, instructions, anti-seize compound, a screw driver, 'Tips On Melt Pressure Transducers For Extrusion' (reprinted from Jan/Feb '98 PA, p 28) and a baseball cap. Five types are available.

* Piezoelectric cavity sensors (Nov '99 PA, p 6) are designed to provide direct or indirect measurement of cavity pressure so injection molders can improve quality and productivity.

By placing a cavity pressure transducer in the last part of the cavity to fill, an output can be generated to indicate the switchover from injection pressure to holding pressure. A transducer located near the gate can be used to monitor the transition from packing to holding, which, in turn, can result in improved visual, dimensional and piece- weight consistency. Various models are available.

Cool Booth Details An interactive, multimedia presentation will be shown every half hour and gifts will be given to all who watch the video and performance. In addition, the booth will have an injection molding machine and an extruder instrumented with pressure and temperature sensors and control instrumentation. Process animations will provide visual detail of the benefits of process measurement and control. New editions of the Dynisco Extrusion Processors Handbook and the Dynisco Injection Molders Handbooks will be available to all visitors to the booth. Circle 349

Booth Personnel Tom Nicholson, Dick Higdon, Doug Joy, Phil Lagoy, Gordon Shaw, Gary Rutherford, Roger Giere, Greg Feliks, Jeff Leveille, Brady Davidson, Joan DeCoste, Paul Earle

Key Contact Joan DeCoste, Mktg. Comm. Mgr.. ­ Tel: 781-784-8400; Fax: 781-784-6139;
E-mail: [email protected];
Web Site: www.dynisco.com 

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