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E-shots Web-exclusive: Shutoff deal on for Spirex and Glycon

March 1, 2006

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E-shots Web-exclusive: Shutoff deal on for Spirex and Glycon

Spirex Corp. (Youngstown, OH) has entered into an exclusive worldwide agreement with Glycon Corp. (Tecumseh, MI) to sell its innovative, three-piece, QSO (quick shutoff) nonreturn valve. Unlike conventional ball-and-ring check valves, material pressure on the face of the QSO's self-centering poppet drives it back against the valve seat, almost instantaneously shutting off melt flow, so part weight is said to vary by as little as .1% with many materials.

During recovery, the melt enters the valve through humongous entry ports, pushing the poppet open so it can flow through smooth, wide-open, evenly spaced axial grooves free of obstructions and sharp corners, thereby reducing any chance of burning and degradation. The valves are constructed from heat-treated, nitrided tool steel. Valve sealing surfaces are precision ground to reduce mating surface friction, and all interior surfaces are highly polished to smooth melt flow.

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