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January 1, 2004

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Easily expandable robots

PF_AutomatedA_Raptor2000b.gifSThe Raptor product line includes several new features designed for high reliability in manufacturing environments. The robots are designed for easy expandability from parts removal robots to complete, customized automation workcells.

InteliMotion dynamic speed control reportedly allows the robot to automatically operate at the highest possible performance without operator interaction. A PC-based control in the robot is scalable and expandable, allowing external components to be easily added to expand the robot?s capabilities. An example of this is integrated vision inspection, where the control?s touchscreen is designed with more speed, clarity, and brightness so it can be used not only as a robot/workcell interface, but also as a vision monitor for viewing high-resolution images. No separate monitor is required.

The robots include an industrial PC with components and packaging specially designed for manufacturing environments. SynqNet communications protocol provides fast, robust communication capabilities and high reliability. CanOpen for I/O control eliminates the need for PLC I/O cards, which increases reliability by decreasing the amount of wires and connections between smart nodes in the robot or workcell.

Raptor 1000 and 2000 robots feature PC-based control with networked CANopen I/O, offline program development and storage, fault-tolerant dual redundant data paths, centralized software and control with distributed hardware, and remote diagnostics. The robots are expandable for added servo, vision, I/O, and network requirements.

Other features include electrical isolation for robust noise immunity, 48 kHZ for coordinated and synchronized motion control, a large payload range without manual speed selection, and intuitive on-screen, drag-and-drop programming.

The robots are Ethernet-ready for local, plant-wide, system-wide, and Internet network access, and may be set up as a node on an Ethernet network.

Automated Assemblies Corp., Clinton, MA
(978) 368-8914; www.aac-robot.com

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