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Easy part fastening offered in heatstaker

March 1, 2006

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Easy part fastening  offered in heatstaker

The Servostaker, an electric heatstaking press, uses servo-driven motors and digital process controls. It offers high-speed and accurate bonding of injection molded parts. Its producer says it outperforms pneumatically driven systems. Pneumatically applied forces often can not be withstood by polypropylene, thermoplastic elastomers, or thin-walled parts. It is intended for applications such as in the automotive, medical, and electronic device fields that require precise control of multistage forces, varying velocity, incremental distance, and thermodynamics. The servo and computer controllers give the machine precision accuracy, reliability, and reduced set up time during operation. Head stroke lengths can be varied in increments as small as 0.0001 inch. without any mechanical adjustments via the touchscreen menu. Options include slide tables, turntables, and fully automatic loading and unloading equipment. Sonitek (Sonic & Thermal Technologies Inc.), Milford, CT, USA; +1 203-878-9321; www.sonitek.com

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