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November 1, 2000

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Elastomer Processing System Combines Gear Pump And Filter

Elastomer ProcessingSystem Combines GearPump And Filter

13.jpgMaag Pump Systems Textron has developed rubbex, a complete system for processingelastomers. The system combines a gear pump, a feed unit, a filter (a screen changer is available as an option) and a universal die. This design is said to make it possible to combine 'straining' and 'forming' processes in a single step.

The feed unit is designed to deliver material to the gear pump, allowing for gentle processing at low temperatures. And because the need for an additional feed roller is eliminated, both warm- and cold-fed strips can be introduced directly into the system from a pallet or roll mill.

The compact and mobile unit is 'connection-ready' and has a rated capacity of 400 kg/hr. It is offered in five different sizes for throughputs ranging from 50 to about 3600 kg/hr.

In addition, the system is self-cleaning and can be opened via hydraulically or manually operated clamps. The rubbex gear pump can be installed between an extruder and a die to provide uniform gage control for improved dimensional quality of the end product.

Maag Pump Systems Textron
Charlotte, NC 

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