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Electrostatic Oil Filter Eliminates Oil-Change Downtime On Hydraulic IMMs

May 1, 2001

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Electrostatic Oil Filter Eliminates Oil-Change Downtime On Hydraulic IMMs

May, 2001


Electrostatic Oil Filter Eliminates Oil-Change Downtime On Hydraulic IMMs

0501-pn-15.jpgServTek's Electrostatic Oil Cleaner System is designed to provide indefinite oil life for hydraulic injection molding machines by removing all insoluble contaminants, including sludge and varnish, that ordinary mechanical filters miss. The system is said to eliminate oil-change downtime and reduce process variation and scrap rates.

In addition to large particles, the system traps small particles to 0.01 micron in size and eliminates the sticky tar/varnish build-up on sensitive hydraulic valves that increases friction and degrades machine performance. Contaminants are captured in a pleated cellulose cartridge filter that can hold as much as 10 lb before change is required. A cartridge will provide from 2000 to 10,000 hr of service, depending on application.

The system uses electrostatic precipitation to remove sub-micron particles of insoluble material, without affecting soluble oil additives. Tiny particles are electrostatically driven to, then captured on, the positively or negatively charged walls of the cartridge. Large particles are trapped in the cellulose filter before reaching the electrostatic filtering stage.

Depending on oil viscosity, individual Electrostatic Oil Cleaner System units are available for hydraulic system sizes of 250 to 5050 gal. Multiple units can be used to handle larger systems or reduce filter changes. The compact units have a flexible, modular design that facilitates in-field modifications when installing.

The system is said to clean oil so effectively that it can improve the performance of machines with oil-related problems. According to a study conducted by ServTek, after 800 hr on a heavily used 700-ton IMM, the system reduced cycle time variance from 2.0 to 0.7 sec, fill-time variance from 1.73 to 0.62 sec, recovery time variance from 1.63 to 0.78 sec and total scrap rate from 8.82% to 1.97%.

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