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May 1, 2000

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npe29.jpgWhat's Hot? EMI has a number of new products designed to reduce costs in a number of different ways.

* Barcode-reading units for box-filling and warehousing are interactive, multi-level systems in which multiple box-filling stations fill boxes and move them onto a trunkline conveyor, where they are sorted by product and then moved to separate locations by barcode readers. The barcode unit compares scanned data with the preset data and outputs the result through a parallel interface. The unit can read up to 399 barcodes as preset data.

In addition to allowing adverse product flow by separating different products on the same line, the bar code readers can also separate boxes by box size. When used with a display interface, the unit does not require a PC or any other type of specialized software. An AGC (Auto Gain Control) function ensures a reliable bar code read even if the size or orientation of the box varies. It is also said to assure a reliable read in harsh environments or when labels become dirty.

npe30.jpg* Self-contained chilled air blowers and cooling units do not require access to a chiller for chilled water. They are completely, self-contained units that require nothing other than a 110 v outlet. Even when chilled water is available, this unit can be used for applications that may be at a distance from the source, when the supply may be limited or when plumbing may be difficult.

* EMI will also show an extensive line of new metal detection systems. Featured will be a flatbed metal detector, which is said to be. ideal for detecting metal (both ferrous and non-ferrous) that rides either directly on, or very close, to the conveyor belt. It can also be effective in detecting metal imbedded in plastic parts as long as the parts profile is low enough to consistently allow any embedded metal to ride close to or on the belt surface.

While the unit is most commonly incorporated into the feeding conveyor of scrap granulators, it can also provide an added measure of security for almost any type of conveying or box-packing application in which metal, or parts with imbedded metal need to be detected.

* The new easy-to-adjust Weigh Hopper Box Filling system consistently fills to within 1 gm of accuracy. By positioning the unit over a container on an indexing unit and plugging it into the indexing interface, the unit can turn almost any type of indexing system into a weigh-filling system.

npe31.jpg* A portable, low-cost box-filling by cycle count unit is a 2-station unit that requires minimal space and can be interfaced with almost any brand of conveyor. The light-weight, free-standing, easy to adjust design makes it easy to move between applications.

* The new Direct Drive conveyor line is designed to be easy to service and to reduce maintenance requirements. Included in the line are flat belt, cleated belt and adjustable angle conveyors, as well as an extensive line of options. Features include a motor and reducer that attach directly to the drive shaft, eliminating the need for chain, sprockets and chain cover and a streamlined frame that is smooth and narrow so it stays cleaner and takes up less space. Underneath, the bottom slide tray has been eliminated to help keep belts as clean as possible.

* New, completely redesigned leg sets feature an easy-to-adjust design and an extended range of height adjustments. The leg sets, which are now standard on most EMI conveyor products, are constructed of two telescoping sections with adjustment slots at 1-inch increments. A quick release pin allows the leg (or the cross brace) to be adjusted quickly and easily.

By positioning the legs within the conveyor frame, inches can be shaved from the overall width. By positioning the legs outside of the frame the range of height adjustments can be extended. This feature also provides greater flexibility when press braces or other floor obstructions are a problem.

* The slide gate on EMI drawer magnets has been redesigned to provide additional durability and to be smoother and easier to operate.

* A carbide-insert ring valve is said to provide extended wear in a range of applications. The valve features carbide inserts imbedded in the base of each flute (usually the area of highest wear). The ring, rather than having direct contact with the body of the valve, rides against the carbide insert instead. While the valve was specifically engineered to provide extended wear in a wide range of applications, it is especially effective in applications where highly abrasive, fiber-filled materials are causing excessive wear in the flute area. Almost any EMI three-piece ring-valve can be made with carbide inserts.

* A Control Flow ring valve is a three-piece, four-fluted unit said to provide excellent shut-off capabilities as well as low compression ratios. EMI says it will provide outstanding performance in over 90% of all material applications, as well as when running shear-sensitive materials.

* Microprocessor-controlled Water Flow Regulators constantly monitor actual mold temperature and automatically trigger solenoid valves to increase or decrease the flow of water as necessary.

Existing Products On Display will include end-of-barrel products, water flow products, hot runner control systems and accessories for molds and machines. All conveyor lines will also be on display.

Cool Booth Details Check out how easy incorporating barcoding can be. Included in this interactive display will be various styles of box-filling systems, elevator systems and box transfer systems. Circle 252

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