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Energy-efficiency standards in dryers

June 1, 2008

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Energy-efficiency standards in dryers


Creating a standardized rating method based on what it calls stringent test conditions, a manufacturer of twin-bed desiccant dryers says it can show actual energy usage, with repeatability, in drying technology. The company?s dryers employ insulated stainless-steel hoppers, SmartRegen, a seven-day timer, and SmartFlow for multiple hopper units to mitigate energy usage. But even with these advances, the largest amount of power is consumed to heat resin and remove moisture. Specifying an ambient temperature range of 80-100ºF and ambient dew point between 68-75ºF, the manufacturer says these represent actual production conditions. Air flow was selected as a common property relative to the dryer size to equitably compare between the different sizes of dryers, so that the actual energy rating was defined as the basic energy consumption per mass flow of air. Ultimately, the manufacturer plans to label every dryer model with an Energy Sticker showing the measured test result in terms of kW/hr per unit weight of dry air. Wittmann Kunststoffgeräte GmbH, Vienna, Austria; +43 1-250-39-0; www.wittmann-robot.at

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