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August 23, 2008

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Energy-efficient dryers offer greater capacity

NP_Colortronic0604_ac.gifReplacing the CTT 300 and 500 models, Colortronic offers Dry-Flex M dehumidified air dryers in 150-, 235-, and 300-cfm capacities. The new design offers larger drying capacity and better moisture absorption than older models, while consuming a reported 30% to 40% less energy. Stainless steel drying cells reduce cool-down after regeneration to improve moisture absorption, and side-channel compressors increase drying capacity by up to 25% without any changes to the idle-run air capacity.

Several design improvements are said to make maintenance easier. Also, the dryers use a modular design that can be easily upgraded if production requirements increase, and the drying hoppers can also be upgraded using the same frame for dryers with different air capacities. The desiccant used in the Dry-Flex M doesn?t require precompression and reportedly can be easily renewed or refilled.

Two controls are available, with the standard S7 PLC offering a safety temperature limiter for all regeneration heaters, optical alarm, and isolated alarm output. The advanced SPS-S7 PLC Comfort Control can adjust the drying temperature for all connected hoppers and features a touch-screen interface, timer, regeneration heater with safety temperature limiter, isolated alarm output, and optical alarm. Other options can be purchased for the Comfort Control for better efficiency, greater energy savings, and enhanced communications capabilities.

Colortronic Inc., Runnemede, NJ
(856) 312-9600; www.colortronic.com

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