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November 1, 2004

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Extrusion line with safety standards built in

The Yellow Jacket Bantam Sheet extrusion line is built for laboratory testing, research and development, education and training, and quality control. It can accommodate very small batches, up to 6-inch-wide sheet, and coextruded or monolayer sheet. The system meets the safety standards found in the ANSI/SPI B151.20-1999 standard for plastic sheet production machinery. It has a safety system that includes air-operated cylinders to open the rolls in case a finger or hand gets caught.

The lines are scaled down from production lines and have industry standard feed end-driven screws, double-reduction helical extruder gearboxes, an optional sheet takeoff rear nip with a separate drive motor electronically linked to the chill rolls for tension control, true flex-lip dies, and bimetallic lined barrels.

An optional Bantam feedblock for multilayer structures is available for two-or-more-layer sheet. These feedblocks feature quick-change tooling and outside adjustable flow compensators. Many structures such as A-B, A-B-C, A-B-C-B-A, and others are easily accommodated.

The integrated Bantam 6.5-inch three-roll stack sheet takeoff features 2.5-inch diameter, water-cooled, hardened chrome chill rolls standard?with optional roll finishes including matte, embossed, and other types. Roll speed is easily adjusted using the speed potentiometer. Air cylinders are mounted to the top roll for opening in case of emergency and for easy threading during startup.

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